dermocosmetic skincare

We have created a full range of home care products that contain the same powerful ingredients that we use in our sterile formulations. Our products have been developed to help you to maintain the results achieved from aesthetic, medical and beauty procedures. Our skincare includes well researched and documented ingredients such as: hyaluronic acid, retinoids, and niacinamide, known for their positive effects on the skin when used correctly.


Our aesthetic medicine dermocosmetics are both used and  recommended by dermatologists as a supportive solution to address common skin challenges. The can be use as a stand alone home care treatment, however we highly recommend that you combine both home care and in-clinic treatments to achieve optimal results. Our skincare is only available for purchase in clinic or online through qualified and experienced Fusion Meso specialists.


If you have skin issues that you would like to address, contact your nearest Fusion Meso skin specialist who can provide a full consultation and recommend the most suitable treatments and home care products to put you quickly onto a path of skin health, and to treat your skin conditions in the shortest of time.



Dermocosmetic products are designed by pharmacists and dermatologists. These products offer a solution for a specific skin problem. They are typically inspired by medical considerations, but still defined as a cosmetic. Dermocosmetics provide immediate comfort and long-term skin health, and are backed by scientific evidence.


Dermocosmetics = Dermatology + Cosmetic

Dermocosmetics refers to dermatology and cosmetics, a place where beauty and health meet. The skincare products are developed in consultation with dermatologists, they are of the highest quality and have been created to improve the appearance of the skin and to treat various skin conditions. Dermocosmetics have to satisfy extremely high demands in terms of effectiveness, quality and tolerability, as they are used primarily to prevent and treat pathological skin changes.


For more information on the different skin concerns that we treat, and home care routines click here.

  • Optimised pH
  • Unique sensorial experiences through amazing textures
  • Effective and 100% safe products
  • Wide assortment: Cleansers, lotions, masks, serums, creams, SPF
  • Premium quality and presentation

We use only active ingredients that proved their efficiency not just what’s popular. Our formulation philosophy is minimalist. We only use ingredients that are really necessary to improve the skin and preserve the products. The raw materials are of high quality, mainly of natural origin or responsibly produced.


We cannot promise miracles but we deliver results. We formulate with ingredients in their appropriate concentrations with an optimal pH level. The formulations have everything that the skin needs, and nothing that it doesn’t.

ingredients we avoid

1,4 dioxane, abrasive particles, aluminium, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasing preservatives (DMDM hydantoin, Diazolindyl urea, Quaternium 15), phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes & colouring, talc, toluene, harmful solvents, parabens, thiazolone, paraffin oils, triethanolamine, ammonium hydroxide, chelating agent (EDTA).