Fusion Meso

Fusion Meso is an aesthetic medicine dermocosmetic brand manufactured by HB Aesthetics and is available in more than 65 countries.


An exclusive brand that specialises in personalised professional mesotherapy, micro-needling and nano-needling treatments, and supporting homecare with our range of high quality dermocosmetics.


We have developed a range of non-invasive treatments and products that can be used in addition to certain aesthetic medicine procedures such as dermal fillers, botox, and laser.


Each product that we have created is unique and helps to restore healthy glowing skin.

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Latest Innovation

Discover our new concept of hydro-gel masks based on hyaluronic acid!
100% natural, and 100% customisable by your Fusion Meso specialist.

This mask can be added into your treatment and applied after the chosen aesthetic procedure. The mask is mixed with pharma-grade solutions to treat one or more facial skin conditions and will additionally increase skin hydration, reduce redness and inflammation.


Ask your Fusion Meso Specialist about the different options that are available to suit your skin type.

Advanced Treatments

Safe and effective formulations are used in Mesotherapy, Micro-needling, Nano-needling and transdermal applications with different equipment.


Your Fusion Meso Specialist can create formulations to treat specific skin concerns over a course of treatments. These formulations are applied through one or more of the above treatment methods and will be personalised to your specific needs. This bespoke treatment method has been designed to help you achieve the best outcome with optimal results.


Your Fusion Specialist has undertake advanced training in order to be able to select and create the perfect treatment program for you. They will carefully monitor your skin at each stage of the treatment program, adapting it if necessary as your skin responds to the formulations.

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The Skin Care

Active Ingredients

Sourced from aesthetic medicine & of the best quality


Highly concentrated products to deliver immediate & long lasting results


The most advanced manufacturing processes


100% vegan, not tested on animals

The Brand

Market Leader

More than 14.000 professionals in the world use Fusion Meso


Available in more than 65 countries


All product formulations are exclusive, 100% created and tested in our laboratories​ in Spain


The most complete range of sterile cosmetics on the market


Advanced Aesthetic Skincare


Sterile Cosmetic Vials